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Learning a 2nd language actually improves children’s cognitive abilities: “How Children Learn A Second Language.”


Cornell University

Explains why children do so well acquiring language: “Learning a 2nd Language Is Good Childhood Mind Medicine.”


The DANA Foundation

This free newsletter is an invaluable resource for the latest in brain research: “Brain Study Sheds Light on Language Use."



Specialized Spanish Materials for
Pre-School through 6th Grade

For over 20 years, Language Quest has been developing engaging, imaginative, and affordable 2nd language teaching materials for children. Our materials are designed for use in regular classrooms, for extracurricular options, and for tutoring or home-schooling with a qualified Spanish speaker.

School/Pre-school Administrators

Language Quest offers you a budget-friendly way to offer Spanish materials/classes to children (ages 4-12). With a strong emphasis on developing listening and speaking skills, our materials make learning Spanish as a 2nd language an enriching activity. more


Knowing how optimal these early years are for language acquisition, parents and parent organizations can, with the support of Language Quest, offer outstanding Spanish materials and programs at reasonable cost and with flexible scheduling that work best for parents and students alike. more

Home-school options

By creating small classes taught by native speakers or other qualified teachers of Spanish, home school parents can expose their children to 2nd language acquisition opportunities in a context that is social, cultural, and academic. Language Quest's outstanding materials and program expertise have been refined over the years with great feedback from teachers, parents and students. more

Entrepreneurial teachers/tutors/bilingual parents

Language Quest is eager to help Spanish teachers, tutors and bilingual parents use our materials to develop their own programs. Following a "Grow Your Own Business" model, we offer free consulting and on-going support for Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs who would love to teach and relish the idea of sharing their appreciation for Spanish language and culture with children. more

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