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Learning a 2nd language actually improves children’s cognitive abilities: “How Children Learn A Second Language.”


Cornell University

Explains why children do so well acquiring language: “Learning a 2nd Language Is Good Childhood Mind Medicine.”


The DANA Foundation

This free newsletter is an invaluable resource for the latest in brain research: “Brain Study Sheds Light on Language Use."



School Administrators:

No budget/no time for Spanish?

You are tuned into the value of early exposure to 2nd languages
You wish you could give your children access to Spanish classes

You can! Language Quest will help you give your kids and your school a valuable edge.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience delivering programs and materials designed for children, ages 4-12, Language Quest knows parents are willing to pay extra tuition to assure their children's access to Spanish classes.

We are eager to share our expertise to help you provide programs/materials to set you apart. Offering small Spanish classes is easily done, creating very little extra administrative burden.
  • Existing schools offer Spanish at no extra cost to them.
  • They provide space and allow access to their students.
  • They have potential teachers already on staff.
  • Parents value finding small Spanish classes available in their children's school.
  • Parents gladly pay reasonable tuition costs for benefits expected and delivered.
  • Children feel comfortable learning Spanish in their home school environment.
  • Fun, effective, engaging classes produce results.
  • A strong foundation assures continuing growth in Spanish language and culture.
  • Well-run programs scheduled before or after school, at lunchtime or during school day.
Our hands-on expertise: available to foster new programs and improve existing ones.

Our materials: engaging, effective, affordable, designed specifically for children, ages 4-12.

Like you, we love working with children because of their humor, joy and sense of adventure. Sharing Spanish with them is rewarding and exciting.

Please contact us to discuss how Language Quest might work for you and your school.

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