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Learning a 2nd language actually improves children’s cognitive abilities: “How Children Learn A Second Language.”


Cornell University

Explains why children do so well acquiring language: “Learning a 2nd Language Is Good Childhood Mind Medicine.”


The DANA Foundation

This free newsletter is an invaluable resource for the latest in brain research: “Brain Study Sheds Light on Language Use."



Entrepreneurial teachers/tutors/bilingual parents:

"Do what you love; the money ($) will follow!"

Are you an ideal candidate for extra earning options?
  • Are you currently teaching Spanish in a public, private, or home-school setting?
  • Are you a native speaker who has always wanted to teach Spanish to children?
  • Are you a Spanish tutor seeking more opportunities to work with students?
Language Quest has more than 20 years of experience designing materials and establishing programs for children ages 4-12.We are eager to share our expertise to help you become an independent business owner who expects to be well rewarded for doing what you love.

It's easy to establish extracirricular classes for children:
  • Existing schools/home-schools are happy to offer Spanish at no cost to them, while allowing access to their students and providing classroom space.
  • No conflict with existing class schedules: programs run over lunchtime or before/after school.
  • Parents pay reasonable tuition.
  • Students gain a strong foundation for continuing growth in Spanish.
Language Quest offers the support you need to accomplish your goals:
  • we give away our hands-on expertise
  • we offer our tailored, high-quality materials
  • we provide excellent support materials to make teaching easier and more satisfying
  • we're ready to work with you at your convenience, so email us or give us a call!

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