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Reviewing Spanish at home just got easier!

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Learning a 2nd language actually improves children’s cognitive abilities: “How Children Learn A Second Language.”


Cornell University

Explains why children do so well acquiring language: “Learning a 2nd Language Is Good Childhood Mind Medicine.”


The DANA Foundation

This free newsletter is an invaluable resource for the latest in brain research: “Brain Study Sheds Light on Language Use."



Home-School Options:

Let us help you offer Spanish to your kids!

Starting point: You know why early exposure is so beneficial *.
Problem: Your Spanish skills aren't up to the job.
Problem solved: we can help you design a program that works.

The Language Quest Story:
  • 20+ years of delivering great 2nd language options for children
  • the right programs with the right materials
  • a good fit for parents, students, schools and teacers
Our hands-on expertise: free of charge to foster new programs and improve existing ones.
Our materials: engaging, effective, affordable, designed specifically for children, ages 4-12.

Home-School classes, taught by native speakers**, are easy to establish and maintain. They provide social, cultural and academic opportunities for home-schooled children.
  • Language as a social skill: small classes let kids listen, learn, speak together.
  • Language as a cultural skill: learning about others enriches our sense of the world.
  • Language as an academic skill: 2nd language knowledge improves 1st languages.
Trade secrets learned over the years:
  • to engage children, learning must be fun, imaginative, active, rewarding
  • children 4-12 are the best language learners of all
  • most sources over-price materials and underestimate children's potential
We love working with children because they make language zing with their humor, joy and sense of adventure. And that's why it's so exciting to share 2nd languages with them. If you'd like to see how Language Quest might work for you and your kids, give us a call.

*Some benefits of early exposure to 2nd languages:
  • increases cognitive development
  • sets the stage for continuous growth in language/culture
  • lays groundwork for fluency, bilingualism
  • enhances travel, career, life options
  • promotes life-long positive effects of bilingualism
**Because listening and speaking skills are central to our program and because these are the very skills children want to learn, working with native or near-native speakers of Spanish is essential.

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