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Why 2nd Language
for Kids?

“A child’s brain has a specialized capacity for learning languages... a capacity that decreases with the passage of years.”
Dr. Wilder Penfield
Canadian Neurologist


“We can head off a lot of problems…by beginning early to teach kids all kinds of things, such as a second language, math, and musical instruments."
Harry Chugani, UCLA
Pediatric Neurologist


“Learning a 2nd language later in life is fundamentally different than acquiring it early.”
Dr. Joy Hirsch
Lead Investigator
Memorial Sloan-Kettering


Company Information

Since 1994, Language Quest has been providing 2nd language programs for children, ages 5-12, already numbering in the thousands. With extensive backgrounds in 2nd language education, foreign study and travel, we place high value on sharing the rich cultural benefits of 2nd languages with children. Our focus today is on producing high-quality materials to assure children’s success in 2nd language acquisition.

Language Quest

Virginia Lohner, Ph.D.
President & Co-founder
Office: (630) 202-1941

P.O. Box 113
Riverside, IL 60546

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