Spanish Books

Each book set includes:

Weekly Lessons
CD with Lesson Materials
e-Flash Cards


Ages 4-6

"A" Book

Grades 1-3

"B" Book

Grades 3-6



Teacher Materials

Teacher Guide
Lesson Plans
Game Book
Posters for each Book Series


"A" Books             

Used by: Grades 1-3 (Ages 6-8)
Includes: Spanish Workbook Audio-CD, 70+ Flash Cards

Sample: Red Series "A" Book

The “A” book series introduces Spanish vocabulary, Spanish sentences and phrases in a child-friendly, age-appropriate format that encourages practice at home with an audio CD and picture-flash cards. The Yellow, Red and Blue “A” books each include 70+ unique sentences or phrases while maintaining a consistent level of challenge suitable for grades 1-3.

Children, with their acute hearing, master the Spanish sound system naturally by listening as they enjoy putting spoken Spanish into practice. Children learn to speak correctly by following the models provided. Reading and writing are kept to a minimum in the “A” series.

The Spanish-English audio-CD includes the weekly lessons, songs, “basics” and more. At home, practice with flash cards and the CD recorded by native speakers builds children’s confidence in listening for understanding and speaking Spanish with accurate pronunciation. To review lessons with an enthusiastic parent or older sibling is an ideal way to assure fast and continuous progress in acquiring Spanish as a 2nd language!

An older sibling, using the B book of same color series, can easily play flash card games and practice speaking at home with a younger child because most sentences and phrases appear in both books!


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