Spanish Books

Each book set includes:

Weekly Lessons
CD with Lesson Materials
e-Flash Cards


Ages 4-6

"A" Book

Grades 1-3

"B" Book

Grades 3-6



Teacher Materials

Teacher Guide
Lesson Plans
Game Book
Posters for each Book Series


Spanish Primary Book

Used by: Preschool & Kindergarten (Ages 4-6)
Includes: Spanish Workbook, Audio-CD, 45 Flash Cards

Sample: Spanish Primary Book

Designed for non-readers to beginning readers, the Primary Spanish Book takes full advantage of young children’s innate ability to acquire language with engaging and amusing visual triggers to remind them of the basic vocabulary, questions and answers, and phrases they now understand and enjoy practicing.

The fundamental playfulness of our approach takes full advantage of their sponge-like capacity to absorb 2nd languages at this stage of their development.

The audio-CD includes the weekly lessons, songs and more. The acute hearing of young children allows them to perfectly master the Spanish sound system just by imitating their teacher in class. Therefore, the audio-CD is recorded by native speakers to assure ready access to hearing the sounds accurately, again and again. Children who practice at home with flash cards and their CD under the guidance of an enthusiastic parent or older sibling will have the greatest success!

The Primary Book Set also works well in pre-school Spanish classes.

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