Spanish Books

Each book set includes:

Weekly Lessons
CD with Lesson Materials
e-Flash Cards


Ages 4-6

"A" Book

Grades 1-3

"B" Book

Grades 3-6



Teacher Materials

Teacher Guide
Lesson Plans
Game Book
Posters for each Book Series


Spanish Material Highlights

  • Oral language (listening for understanding/speaking with a purpose)
  • Sentences, commonly used phrases, vocabulary development
  • On-going review of basics to build confidence and competence
  • Spanish sound system/alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months and seasons, colors, forms, etc.
  • Game-centered lessons with songs, poems, stories, riddles, recipes, and other Spanish cultural enrichment
  • Primary Book

    "A" Books

    "B" Books

    View Sample Blue "A" Sample Blue "B" Sample
    Click the images above or below to see how
    materials correspond to allow different ages
    and skill levels in the same class.

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