Spanish Books

Each book set includes:

Weekly Lessons
CD with Lesson Materials
e-Flash Cards


Ages 4-6

"A" Book

Grades 1-3

"B" Book

Grades 3-6



Teacher Materials

Teacher Guide
Lesson Plans
Game Book
Posters for each Book Series

Because of the unique features of our materials
we strongly encourage a consultation before
ordering to insure the program fits your needs.

Please contact us for questions and ordering.

(872) 216-8236 or

Each book set includes: weekly lessons, audio CD, virtual and
online e-Flash cards

Student Materials

Prices start at

Primary Set
(book & flashcards)

•  designed for pre-K to K
•  focus on aural/oral learning
•  no reading


* Recommended Primary Package *

10 book sets
1 teacher guide
1 set of teacher posters

normally priced at $187.88)


Continuing Series "A"

•  designed for grades 1–3
•  focus on aural/oral learning •  minimal reading and writing

Continuing Series "B"

•  designed for grades 3-6
•  continues aural/oral learning
•  reading and writing
•  adds grammer and more
   complex sentences/phrases

Teacher Support Materials

(one time purchase)

Teacher Posters

Primary Book $8.99
"Continuing" Blue Series $12.99
"Continuing" Red Series $12.99
"Continuing" Yellow Series $12.99

Teaching Guides

Primary Guide $8.99
"Continuing Series" Guide $14.99
•  Program outline
•  Teaching strategies
•  Games
•  Lesson Plans
Quantity discounts are available.

Restocking fee on all orders: 25% of purchase price

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