Spanish Books

Each book set includes:

Weekly Lessons
CD with Lesson Materials
e-Flash Cards


Ages 4-6

"A" Book

Grades 1-3

"B" Book

Grades 3-6



Teacher Materials

Teacher Guide
Lesson Plans
Game Book
Posters for each Book Series


The Language Quest
Seven-Year "Rolling" Curriculum

Unlike the traditional stair-step learning pattern, our approach is highly flexible, allowing new children to join classes without being overwhelmed while introducing returning children to new materials and challenges.

Instead of developing one book/age-group, we developed three: Yellow, Blue, and Red book series.

The following is a typical long-term curriculum that covers seven years:
Year Book Grade Series
1 Primary Preschool/kindergarden Green
2 Level A Kindergarden Blue
3 Level A 1st grade Red
4 Level A 2nd grade Yellow
5 Level B 3rd grade Blue
6 Level B 4th grade Red
7 Level B 5th grade Yellow

Application over time allows children to lay an excellent foundation for continuing studies, and while developing competencies requires practice and repetition, our materials make for a welcome reminder, not a boring pattern.

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